Spaghetti Carbonara

Another recipe with N for necessary, G for good, or O for optional. Just like this one for pasta with chorizo and stuff and this one for arrabbiatta. I’ll get around to doing something that is not pasta at some point.

First fill up the kettle and put it on. The chop up some bacon (N). You can get away with half a pack (a pack is 250g, so 125g ish) for 2 people, but in this case I had bacon that needed using up so I used a whole pack. Scissors make this job a lot easier, and you can keep the rashers together and just snip them, you don’t need to individually cut up each piece. I cut off the rinds, but you can keep it if you like. Some say carbonara is better with streaky bacon because of the tastyness of the fat.


Put bacon into frying pan and fry it on high

Get pasta (N), of any kind, I had wholemeal spaghetti. 100g per person is a “normal” portion, 75g for a small or not-very-hungry person, 125g for an extra-hungry person. Put pasta into a pan with salt and put the hot water from the kettle on it. Turn on the hob.


Bacon is now frying, pasta is boiling. Grate yourself some cheese (N). Parmesan is best, but grana padano or anything calling itself “Italian hard cheese” will do. I grated about this much. Maybe 1/3 of the wedge, and I think the wedge was 200g.


The bacon should be starting to look like this.


If the bacon doesn’t yet look like that, you can spend some time mixing your parmesan with eggs (N – ideally two egg yolks and one whole egg for two people, but you can use two whole eggs if you can’t be bothered with the faff), black pepper (G), and a good spoonful of cream or creme fraiche (G).

Once the bacon does look like the picture above, spoon a bit of the pasta water into it to “deglaze” the pan. This means putting some liquid into a hot pan to get up the nice browny stuff off the bottom of the pan and into your food. You can use wine (O) instead of the water if you want.


Mmm, look at all that tasty brownness.

Once the pasta is done, drain the pasta and tip it into the bacon pan to make sure to get all of the tasty brown bacony burnty goodness. Then tip the whole lot back into the pasta pan – AWAY FROM THE HEAT. Mix in your cheese/egg mixture. The heat of the pasta and pan will cook the eggs just enough. You probably bought your eggs from a supermarket anyway, in which case they will be lion mark salmonella-free eggs. Do not stress about undercooked eggs, even if you are pregnant, okay?


Yummy food in pretty much just the time it takes to boil a kettle and cook the pasta. Eat with some salad or something.


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