Vegan chocolate cake

This recipe courtesy of “No bread is an island”. No particular reason why I’m making a vegan cake, I just came across the recipe and thought it looked nice, but one nice thing is that it requires nothing that could go off or that needs refrigerating. It could be “bomb shelter cake” or “post-apocalypse cake”.

Mix 165g SR flour, 25g cocoa, 200g sugar. Add 80g oil (vegetable or sunflower or something, not olive) and 250ml (250g is you are measuring by adding things to a bowl on a digital scale, which is the easiest way to measure it all out) water.

Mix it all up, put in a cake tin, bake at 180C for 35-40 minutes.

It looks like cake. I’ll have to wait til tomorrow to comment on the taste, as I’m planning to take it to work.


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