“No knead” bread – is it really?

Inspired by this post on Jen’s Place.

I’ve seen recipes for “no knead” bread before – what they really mean is “not as much kneading as usual”, which is still too much kneading for me. This recipe is different – you really don’t knead the bread at all.

Given that I’ve tried bread before and it’s been horribly hard because I didn’t knead it enough, how can this “no knead” bread be edible? Surely no kneading is worse than not-enough kneading, not better?

The recipe as posted makes enough dough for 4 loaves, apparently. I figure it’ll probably go wrong so I quarter it and just make the one.

I had a little packet of seeds from my graze box (use code B6FK9XVA to get a free box if you haven’t already) to make the bread more interesting.


Mixing up the dough looked like this. I took a picture of before the rise and after the rise and basically they looked the same, except slightly larger and bubblier. This is not Nigella-style food porn.


Not very exciting to look at, I know. And despite using a quarter of a recipe meant for 4 loaves, it doesn’t look like a whole loaf worth.


This stuff is very sticky.

After being in the oven it looks a lot prettier, and very artisan or rustic or whatever other words we like to use to excuse food from being neat and tidy.

It didn’t get any bigger during cooking (should it? I have no idea) so this is about the size of two large rolls. It’s dense and chewy but not hard. I’d recommend it more for dipping in soup than eating alone. Someone may have used the phrase “dwarf bread”…

I’d call this a success, or more of a success than my previous attempts at bread, and I’d definitely try it again. Having no airing cupboard does make getting bread to rise a bit tricky – I put the heating on and put the dough near it but it ma have needed more warmth and/or more time.



5 thoughts on ““No knead” bread – is it really?

      • It was really very little hassle, and at least with bread if everything does horribly wrong you haven’t just thrown away lots of tasty ingredients that you could have made better use of by just eating them raw.

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