Storecupboard pasta sauce

No, not the kind of storecupboard that Nigel Slater thinks you have. The kind where you get back from holiday and need to make dinner and there’s nothing fresh in the fridge. Or when you are just feeling too lazy to go to the shop. Or both.

As with my previous student recipe everything in this will be listed as N for necessary, G for good, or O for optional. If you leave out all the things that are optional it’ll be edible but not very exciting. That said, I’m not promising exciting even if you have everything, but the excitement will be marginally higher with all the optional bits.

Chorizo pasta with stuff

Boil kettle (N)

Mmm, out-of-date chorizo

Mmm, out-of-date chorizo

Chop up chorizo (N) – the rings of chorizo are not cheap but you only need about 1/4 of a ring per person so they work out OK. Also chop up onion (N) and chop or crush garlic (G) and slice up chilli (O). All of these things will have sat around in your kitchen quite happily for quite a long time. You can also ignore the best-before date on the chorizo (as you can see I did from the picture) because it’s cured meat, the whole point is that it’ll last all winter.

This is me posing by the biggest chilli plant like I'm a game show dolly bird

This is me posing by the biggest chilli plant like I’m a game show dolly bird

Chuck all the above things into a frying pan and fry on a medium-low heat until the paprika-y oil from the chorizo makes everything go orange. You probably don’t need any extra oil.

Onions now orangey

Onions now orangey

Now is when you put the pasta (N) on to boil – mine was mixed pasta shapes from the ends of bags. You can put salt in the water if you like. It will raise the temperature of the boiling water by a pointlessly small amount, but it will also make the pasta a bit salty, which is nice.

Now with tomatoes

Now with tomatoes and olives

Add tomatoes (N) to the chorizo pan – I had two fresh tomatoes (O) which had miraculously survived being on the windowsill while I was on holiday, and also some tinned chopped tomatoes. (Technically cartonned rather than tinned)

Keep the temperature low so you don’t burn the sauce. I added black olives (O) because I accidentally bought a massive jar of black olives online – I forgot to check the size. Anyway, olives are nice and they make a different bit of colour.



When the pasta is done, drain and stick the sauce on top. I ate mine with parmesan (O) that I peeled into thin bits using a Y-shaped potato peeler. Any cheese on top would be nice. Salad would be good too, but if you have salad then you probably don’t need a recipe for things-that-can-hang-around-for-a-long-time.


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