George Galloway wants you to think it’s easy to rape by accident.

It’s not.

And I really don’t understand why he wants you to think that. I can understand very well why someone who has been accused of rape would want you to think that it was just a misunderstanding that could happen to anyone. But I really don’t know why anyone else would want to.

Here’s the thing – if you are a decent human being and are of the opinion that sex is something that people do together (not something that one person does to another, and not something that one party just puts up with) then you are pretty unlikely to do any raping by accident.

I’ve heard people ask “so is it wrong to wake someone up by…? ” or “is it wrong that I have quite liked…?”. The answer is no, not necessarily. It all depends on what you are doing, in what circumstances, and who you are doing it with. Please note use of the word “with”, not “to”. If you are of the mindset that sex is a “with” activity, not a “to” activity, it should pretty much come instinctively.

In case you are still worried, here are two simple tips

1- Ask yourself if the other person is more likely to feel scared and think “WTF?!” or to feel/think “Mmm, this is nice.” If you don’t know them well enough to predict this, just wake them up in a non sexual way.

2- Keep all penises out of all holes until all parties are conscious and clearly active participants.

The reason Assange is being accused of rape is not by waking up a woman in a sexual way, it’s because he put his penis inside her while she was still asleep, and because she decided to prosecute. Does that still sound like something that you might do by accident? Just don’t put it in before the other person is conscious, and don’t put it in at all if they don’t want you to. But you weren’t going to do that anyway.

(the other case is pretty clear-cut, I really hope that nobody reading this needs to be told not to force someone’s legs apart, unless it’s part of a pre-arranged game with safewords and stuff)

Now, in line with the “sex is a fun thing that people do together” theme (and because I don’t usually get serious on here) here’s a cartoon.

More fun!

(sorry, I can’t figure out how to embed pictures from my phone)


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