Potato rosti

I was looking for an update on one of my favourite blogs, Recipe Rifle (subtitle: getting recipes wrong so you don’t have to) and was annoyed that there wasn’t anything new for me to read, so I thought I would write something myself.

Unfortunately I had this thought the day after the day I cooked something new, so there are no pictures. Sorry.

You can imagine it as looking like this potato rosti from the BBC if you like, as that’s what inspired it, but I didn’t actually follow the recipe at all except for checking that there was no need to partly boil the potatoes to make them soft.

Potato rosti

Put the oven on. High.
Grate some potatoes. About as much as if you were going to have a jacket potato.
Chop some onion as finely as you can. Don’t try to grate the onion. You’ll regret it.
Mix the potato and onion together. I added some beaten egg to bind it, which was off-recipe but useful.
My amounts were about 3 goodish potatoes, half a massive onion, and one egg.
Put some butter in a roasting tin and put it in the oven til the butter sizzles. I would have told you to do this earlier but I don’t know how fast you chop.
Put the potato mixture in the pan, make pretty shapes if you like.
Put into oven until the tops of the sticky-up bits go brown. I wasn’t paying attention because I was having it with ham and salad so didn’t need to have other things ready at the same time.
Scoop up with the implement that is bizarrely known as a “fish slice”.


2 thoughts on “Potato rosti

    • Peel, boil, leave overnight then grate – then it’s tricky to flip it?
      I wouldn’t exactly call that easier!
      The fried egg on top looks absolutely beautiful though – and I agree this would be a great weekend breakfast.

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