Stylist magazine – is this hypocrisy or something else?

This week’s Stylist magazine‘s front cover:

“why are we so scared of getting old?”

And inside the magazine:

“Targets 10 signs of ageing”

Option 1: This is hypocritical, why are they advertising magical youthyness cream if they want to tell us that getting/looking older is not so bad?

Option 2: This is good, it proves that they don’t let their advertisers dictate what they write about.

Which is it?

Useful information:

  • Stylist is a free magazine, so if anything it is more beholden to its advertisers than most – although most magazines make a lot more money from adverts than they do from the cover price
  • Stylist never features diets in the magazine
  • It has been said that Stylist will never advertise cosmetic surgery
  • (more info here)

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