Last night’s dinner

I haven’t done a food post for a while, and dinner last night looked quite nice when it was cooking, so I thought I’d share it with you. Not literally. I’m not planning on posting you a portion or anything.

I wanted curry, and I wanted something that I could take the remainder of to work, but I didn’t want just a bowl of stuff. So I decided to make veg curry (healthy, portable) and a flattened chicken breast on the side.

Veg curry – this “recipe” is very approximate. I pre-boiled carrots because they take ages to get soft and put them in a big pan with onion, garlic, ginger, chilli, sweet potato, tinned tomatoes, and a tin of chickpeas. I added cumin, coriander, paprika, and garam masala. Yes I know you are supposed to fry the spices first but it tasted pretty good and nobody complained. Near the end I added red pepper and cherry tomatoes.

“Tandoori” chicken – the quote marks are there because it’s fried and not cooked in a proper tandoori oven jobby. I sprinkled “tandoori masala” spices from the local Indian-ish grocers (no idea what is in it but it smells nice and is very red)  into cling film, put the chicken breasts on top, sprinkled on more spice, covered with another layer of clingfilm, and bashed until the chicken was nice and flat. Flattening makes it easier to cook through evenly.

Brown rice – boil the hell out of it in lots of water for at least half an hour. That’s what I do anyway. I have brown basmati, not just ordinary brown. No particular reason, I just think it is nicer.


Here it is on the cooker.


And this is it on a plate. I’ve got a wedge of lemon to squeeze over the chicken, and some fresh coriander because my coriander plant is actually alive. All the previous coriander plants I’ve had have gone yellow within a week but this one is looking pretty happy.

The pot of veg curry was huge, so I have plenty to bring into work and microwave. Hopefully that’ll help me to stay away from the burrito shop!


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