Reading books because Twitter told me to #2

This time I have a much clearer idea of the book I am about to start. I even have a website. I don’t remember who mentioned it, but you can’t have everything.

It’s a teen book again, I don’t know why Twitter doesn’t ever tell me to read grownup books, and the description was a little bandwagon-jumpy. I’d far rather have more teen dystopia than more teen vampires though. And a bit of alternate reality multiple universe stuff definitely sounds like a good idea.

Bizarrely I can’t find the book on the Kindle store right now to link.

Update I haven’t gotten around to reading the book because I have been distracted by some posh doom in revolutionary France. Here’s where to look if that is the kind of thing you like.

I have discovered that the reason I couldn’t find a link before was because the American website linked above wrote “Traveler” and the book is called The Traveller. Two Ls, you see. You really shouldn’t translate titles into your local spelling. Even worse if you change the name entirely, like Northern Lights being called The Golden Compass.

Update : Chapter One
On the very first page there is mention of something called the Underground. With a capital U. What is this? I think. After turning the page I realise that I am over-estimating the scifiness of the book. It’s the London Underground. The tube.

Maya is 12, her world seems similar to our own . It may even be this world.

Her father is a Harlequin. We don’t know what that is yet, but he carries a concealed sword, has travelled a lot, and teaches his daughter to fight in abandoned warehouses.

When Maya is older she will be able to disguise herself to look “normal”. She doesn’t look terribly abnormal at the moment from the sound of things, just striking enough for old ladies to say “what a pretty child”, but apparently this level of distinctiveness is not desirable for a Harlequin. Whatever that is.

In chapter one Maya and her father go for a walk, get caught up in a football-related fight (not quite a riot but maybe) and Maya is forced to defend herself by whacking people over the head with a walking stick. She thinks her father probably intended for this to happen. To what end, we don’t yet know.

She will be older than 12 in the next chapter, this will have been a scene-setting critical moment in her training/childhood
Dad is going to die
He will die without fully explaining the extent of her powers/destiny/whatever
What a burden it is to be dark-haired and pale-skinned and blue-eyed and striking. Sigh
I am intrigued to see how much this world is our world, or whether it is different
Are these Harlequins known, or are they a secret?


Skip to age 26 – I win!

Being a Harlequin is hereditary, but they don’t seem to have any powers. So could anyone become one? Being a Traveller is hereditary and they do have special powers, and the Harlequins have kept extensive family records, so how come no-one has figured out exactly how it is inherited?

I’ll try to do no spoilers – so anything I write is purely speculation. There are two potential Travellers, who are bothers. I predict that the more mainstream “normal” one will be the one to inherit the powers and the one who likes to live “off-grid” will actually be perfectly normal and have no need to hide.

I also fear that one of these brothers will end up being a love interest. Because we can’t have a book without a bit of pointless romance, can we now?

I’m enjoying the surveillance world. It’s only a little exaggerated.

Update Aliens? Or something? This has been dragging a bit. I’m getting a bit bored of the philosophy stuff to be honest.


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