Reading books “because Twitter told me to”

As you may know, I’ve been enjoying reading Cassandra Parkin’s blog, and I have been very impressed by her chapter-by-chapter reading of The Vampire Diaries (she’s doing it so we don’t have to).

I think it’s a very nice idea, this reviewing as you go. Whenever I lend a book or a DVD boxset to someone I like to find out what they think when they are partway through. Who’s going to die, who is a Cylon, etc.

I also like to read books based on “someone on Twitter told me to read it. No I don’t know who they are. Why am I following them? I have no idea.”  So far this plan has led me to read Hikikomori and Secret Diary of a Princess. They are quite different (understatement). This kind of thing seems like the perfect basis for a real-time review. I have very few preconceptions regarding what the book is about or who it is for.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience to write a blog post for every chapter. You probably don’t want to read one either, I wouldn’t have much to say. So my plan is to write one before I start the book, one after the first chapter, and one at the end.

First attempt is here


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