The part you throw away (reading old blogs)

You know how sometimes you find a blog and you want to read all of it?

I do that a lot.

not that alot

In fact I do this in general when reading. I sometimes base my choice of beginning a book or a series (over beginning a different book or series) on “is there a lot of it?”. I don’t want to start something good and discover after 300 pages that that’s it. At least, not unless I am prepared to deal with the sadness of having loved it and lost it again in so brief a time.

So here’s a link to a series-of-posts-within-a-blog called the part you throw away, which I am currently working my way through. I need to do some clearing out so I am hopful that it will inspire me to throw things away, although so far all I have learned is that if you don’t know what something is, don’t throw it away, because you might need it.

Although my counter-argument is that if I don’t know what something is I definitely should throw it away, because even if I needed it I wouldn’t know that I needed it because I wouldn’t know that it was the thing that I needed. Because I don’t know what it is.

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