Women’s magazines

I bought some women’s magazines for the first time in ages this weekend. I used to have quite a habit, when I was about 16 and had a Saturday job but wasn’t old enough to spend all my earnings on driving lessons, but I’ve stopped because, well, there’s rarely £3.50-worth of entertainment in them.

This weekend there was, however, more than £3.50-worth of nice freebies. The question is, have I sold my soul (or poisoned my brain) with the writing that comes with the freebies?

Who is Holly Willoughby anyway?

Cosmo, at £3.50, had a choice of Clinique freebies. I chose to get a mini lipgloss (which I didn’t really want, and will be giving to a friend) and a tube of pink moisturiser that apparently costs £30 for 50ml. Bargain. So what do I get with this?

Crazy Sex – real women push the limits and tell all
We did know Cosmo was all about the sex, but at least it’s not “how to please your man”

Holly Willoughy as you’ve never seen her before
Can’t actually remember who she is, I guess she’s the blonde girl on the cover with a hand on her hip and plenty of cleavage on display

Salary Wars – are you being paid what you should be?
Sounds useful actually

104 handbags you’ll heart
“Heart” as a verb? I don’t think so

Look-hot fashion – dressing up has never been such fun
“Looking hot” not really a great goal, sounds as if it’s all about pleasing men, but dressing up being “fun” sounds more positive

Men confess – all about break-ups, sex worries and your orgasm
Because of course men are from Mars and women don’t understand them

She really doesn't look like Katniss here...

Glamour is cheaper at £2, and I have to confess to having bought 4 – yes 4! – to collect all of the different hair products on offer. I haven’t seen them in the shops, maybe they are new, but they supposedly sell for £12ish each. With this I get a lot of paper to put in the recycling bin, and…

839 looks – more hotness – less ££££
That’s far too many IMO, and I would write £££ with just three

The Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence – talks, swears – and eats! – like a normal person
I am looking forward to this film, and I suppose they are trying to say that it’s good when an actress eats, but I really wish there wasn’t such an obsession with what people eat or don’t eat

What you DON’T know about plastic surgery – the cost – the cowboys – and the truth about recovery
I wonder if they will be warning against entirely or just saying to be careful?

1200 men talk sex – 37% of them do WHAT at work?
Masturbate, apparently – what does that say about their sample?

WIN A £20,000 wardrobe from my-wardrobe.com
There’s definitely more of a fashion-based slant to this one, not too surprising considering the name

“I said Dad raped me, I was wrong”
Ugh. I don’t think I want to read that. I’m not into misery-lit or those “real life” magazines

So, what do you think? Are the freebies worth the brain-meltingness? I think if I read selectively I’ll survive. Interestingly the very first article in Cosmo has the editor wearing a t-shirt saying “I use the F-word” where the F-word is Feminism, so clearly they are at least trying to be about more than just sex-and-fashion.


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