Eating (well, drinking) seasonally

I can’t pretend that I am a local-butcher-baker-candlestick-maker sort of person. I could say that I am too busy, but I spend enough time pissing about on the internet so I can only conclude that I am actually too lazy and that it just doesn’t matter enough to me.

I do go to the local ethnic food shops, because they have interesting things that I can’t get elsewhere, and also to the greengrocer. I’ll admit my laziness even further, I don’t buy all of my fruit and veg from the greengrocer, not even close. What I do buy is interesting things or fruits that are a treat, because I know they will be in season and tasty.

Today’s purchase was blood oranges – 3 for £1. From Italy, apparently. I never actually eat orange-oranges (as opposed to satsuma-tangerine-clementine–oranges) because they are fiddly and messy, but red oranges are tempting enough that I will just squeeze them.

Reamer. Say it again.

That wooden thing is called a reamer.

Since it’s Friday, I will be drinking the juice with a slosh of vodka. I am quite impressed with the redness of the juice, even though the oranges look completely normal from the outside.

Cheers! Here’s to seasonal produce!


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