Foody foody food

I’m not what you might call a “foodie”, but food is important to me.

I’ve just got home from visiting my family, and next week I’ll be visiting other families, and one of the things that I miss when I am away from home is being able to choose what I eat and when I eat it. This is a part of why I am very happy to be having Christmas in my house, with no extra people. One year we skipped cooking the “big Christmas meal” altogether and just snacked all day on all of the “nice bits” that I feel obliged to buy because it’s Christmas even when there are only two of us in the house.

Now I am home for a few days (especially since I am not at work) I feel the need to make and eat:

  • something spicy
  • something that takes a long time
  • something that is not traditionally eaten at that time of day
  • something that my dad wouldn’t know what it is

That fourth one could be a joke but the last time I made food for my dad it was pea and ham soup and his reaction (after eating it) was “That was nice Char, what is it?”. So not too difficult to achieve.

I can’t remember if I’ve blogged my Mexican-style breakfast before, if I have feel free to ignore it. This is very loosely based on the huevos rancheros that I had, no in Mexico, but in an airport one time. I’ve mentioned how I feel about authenticity before. If I had an avocado I would make some guacamole, or just have cut-up avocado on the side, but I don’t. Do you usually have ripe avocadoes hanging around? If so can I come to your house and borrow one?

Mexican breakfast consists of: tortillas of the kind that you find in a fajita kit (kit? yes, I said I wasn’t a proper foodie), scrambled eggs, and a mixture of gently cooked chorizo, onion, tomatoes, and black beans. (edit: I put in some chilli as well to fulfil my something spicy as well as something my dad wouldn’t recognise)

Don't try to roll these up unless you want a really messy breakfast

Om nom nom

You could put cheese on it too if you wanted.


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