I have just had some Bovril

It was yummy.

My hungover brain was wandering round Co-op (with the rest of me in tow) and saw it on the shelf. Why would anyone want a meaty drink? it thought. Actually, I quite fancy a meaty drink.

mmm, meaty goodness

The stuff itself tastes like how Marmite would taste if it were made of cows. That’s a good thing, I think. I have put some in a mug with hot water and it it lovely. Maybe I am deprived of salt or something… (did I mention the hangover?)

Grannies of the world, you were right. Next stop, Horlicks.


8 thoughts on “I have just had some Bovril

    • It’s like marmite only made of cows – that’s the only way I can describe it. Thick black stuff in a jar. It is suggested that you could spread it on toast (thinly) or stir into hot water to make a beefy drink.

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