Alt text, Agatha Christie, and other stuff from my brain

Alt text is what you get when you hover your mouse over a picture on a website. It is/was supposed to be for telling people what the picture is of, in case they can’t get the pictures for some reason, but often they are used to add in a little comment or a joke. It’s something that I miss if I’m internetting on my phone

She has many skills that I don't

Apparently her surfboard was called Fred?

Yes, I know internetting isn’t the word, but I’m not necessarily browsing because I might not be aimlessly mooching around, I might be specifically aiming for something. If I’ve walked into a particular shop in a particular town with intent-to-buy then I’m not browsing. Similarly if I am clicking through blogs on my list or reading a particular favourite columnist in a newspaper or visiting a cartoon site I’m not browsing, I am internetting-with-intent.

I’m definitely not surfing either. I’m much more competent and in control in looking-at-the-internet than I am in getting-a-wave-to-push-me-to-shore-while-I-try-to-stand-up-on-some-fibreglass-thingy. Did you know that Agatha Christie surfed? It’s not relevant, just interesting.

Anyway, what was I supposed to be talking about?

Oh yeah, this.

I have written it out in big letters below you ninny

This is a funny cartoon, but the alt text makes it brilliant:

The SLS head engineer plans to invite Shania Twain to stand under the completed prototype, then tell her “I don’t expect you to date me just because I’m a rocket scientist, but you’ve gotta admit – this is pretty fucking impressive”

I need more stealth Shania Twain jokes in my life.


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