Nooooo… not the DIP!

The wrong kind of dip

I couldn’t think of a title, so I thought I’d bring in a Who Framed Roger Rabbit reference instead. Did you know that’s Doc Brown from Back to the Future? You probably did. If you didn’t, I’d like to refer you to IMDB, a site for all of your “where have I seen her before?” moments. For example, I have just discovered that the voice of Jessica Rabbit also plays Chandler’s dad.

Yeah, stuff like that is why you come here, isn’t it?

Anyway, I am making some of the other kind of dip. The kind that you eat. I’ll go shopping for ingredients now and get back to you with some pictures and stuff.

Dip 1 – Smoky butterbean dip

Recipe here – I don’t have smoked paprika so regular will have to do. And I don’t know what tamari is (apparently it’s a special kind of soy sauce) so it will be normal soy sauce. I’m told this one is good if you leave it to mature a bit, so I made it first.

Mmm, sprinkly

Dip 2 – Salsa

It sometimes surprises me when salsa is just chopped-up vegetables, I feel like it should be something more complicated. This one has: tomatoes, pepper, red onion, a little bit of orange juice, white wine vinegar, and fresh chilli from my chilli plants. Salsa is also better if you leave it for a bit to let the flavours mingle.

The tomatoes are from my tomato plants - I didn't think the tomatoes left on the vines in November would ripen, but apparently they have

Dip 3 – Harissa in yoghurt

Put yoghurt in bowl, Stir in some harissa. That is all. My sister-in-law taught me this.


Dip 4 – Guacamole

Guacamole, in my experience, does not benefit from hanging around. No matter how much lime juice I put in the avocado always starts to go brown. So this gets made at the last minute. Avocado, crushed garlic, lime juice, chilli, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Mush it all up (I have an extra-strong fork for this in case of unripe avocado incidents – I once broke a fork in a holiday apartment by trying to mash an unripe avocado).

That is my special guacamole-bashing fork

Things to dip in

Crudites, of course – I have no idea how to pronounce that but I know it’s a poh word for vegetable sticks. Also the pitta chips from the butterbean link and some cheesy breadsticks that are apparently called grissini. I used normal cheddar, not blue cheese.

Om nom nom

Om nom nom, as the cats on the internet are rumoured to say.


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