Things that are following me around

You know that thing where you click on a link to an online shop of some kind, and then that shop follows you around?

You see links to it everywhere. Even to the thing, or the kind of thing, that you looked at?

Well, don’t advertisers realise that people on t’internet look at things to take the piss at least as much as they look at them because they intend to buy them? If I intend to buy something I can find my own way back perfectly well.

I have no need for one of these

Someone on t'internet linked it - I like to look at dresses

I picked another option

We have AA cover (and insurance from someone else)

I already have this

I love this - but I have it - I'm not going to buy it again

This was for laughing at, not for wanting

Do you seriously think I want a wolf fleece?

Sorry advertisers, but you’ll have to get a bit more creative and show me something that I don’t already have, that I might want, and that I haven’t actively rejected.


A note on cookie-followy-adverts and privacy. If you look at something and you don’t want anyone to see, you need to clear your history. (it’ll be under tools or options or privacy or something depending on your browser)

If there’s something you want for Christmas or for  birthday then make sure the next person to use the computer does get adverty hints by clearing your history and then going to look at the thing that you want, so that is the only thing that your computer knows you like.


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