How did you get here?

Pint-sized rants today brought up one of my favourite blogging questions: what did people search for to get to your blog?

I am always surprised that Google ranks this at all, given that only about 20 people have probably looked at it ever, but apparently it does and here are the things that, if you search for them, you might find me:

lufthansa bra plan  You have to wear a special bra to fly Lufthansa? Or is this about a plan to take your bra off while flying to be more comfortable?

marie antoinette with her head Do you really need to specify? Surely there are more portraits before than after? Mme Guillotine would know.

cartoon throwing tomatoes – No idea what this has to do with me… I don’t throw tomatoes

prawn cracker jokes  – Are there any good ones?

It’s not really relevant, but I’ve been told that every blog must have a picture, so let’s have a nice XKCD.

I don't think I come up for any of these searches


7 thoughts on “How did you get here?

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