Halloween goodies

I should be getting ready to go to a party, but first I’ll show you the things I made for it.

I don’t often make much of a fuss about Halloween, but if someone has decided to have a party I like to join in.

Eyeballs in blood jelly

Lychees (from a tin) in plastic shot glasses (£1.99 for 50, not bad) in red jelly. I got the low-sugar jelly, not because this is supposed to be healthy, but because it comes in a powder rather than lumps, and 1 – I eat the lumps 2 – it’s easier to dissolve. I made up the jelly to 3/4 of a pint rather than a pint to aid setting. I also put some vodka in, which you might want to leave out if you were going to use these to scare children.

Mmmm, eyeballs

Cheesy bats

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about my (in)famous cheese stars on the blog yet. The basic recipe is 3 grated cheese, 2 plain flour, 1 butter. Mix up like you’re making pastry, add milk if necessary to make dough, roll out and cut with your favourite cutter (normally stars), and bake on a greased tray at a hot-ish temperature (180C, 200C, something like that) until you can smell toasty cheese. You can add extra flavourings: paprika makes them red, chilli makes them spicy, MSG makes them moreish. This time I added black food colouring (the thick kind) to make them more bat-like.

It looks like they are silhouetted against the moon, but it's just a white plate

Don’t worry, there are more than that. This is the pile of bats you get when you do the above recipe with 300g of cheese.

Big pile of bats

OK, off to go pretend to be Morticia Addams – I have a great wig.


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