I am not usually a cupcake person…

…but my friends bought me this as a present, and when people buy you a cake-making kit there’s generally a hint of “make us some cakes”.

Normally my baking can be best described as “ugly but tasty”, so I am not sure what I am going to do with all these fiddly sparkly bits. I am also unsure about following a recipe for the cake part. Surely it’s just sponge? eggs, flour, milk, sugar, that kind of thing? You are beginning to see why I don’t make fancy cakes now, aren’t you?

Between them the two friends manage to dislike:

  • fruit (including dried fruit)
  • nuts
  • coffee

so I am left with chocolate or plain cake. Or lavender or something odd like that, but I don’t actually have any lavender and no-one else I know like Parma Violet sweets so I think I’ll give flower-flavoured cake a miss for now.

Right, let’s do it. Pinky pinky girly girly pretty pretty cakey cakes.

Vanilla ones. With red food colouring in to make them pink.

Hmm, that’s not very pink. And I realise that the redness of my muffin tray doesn’t help. The recipe had only one egg for all those cakes, and quite a bit of milk, so the cakes were on the squidgy side even when cooked. “Moist” is good, I know, but I might stick to basic sponge (1 egg + 2oz each of SR flour, butter, sugar, scale up as necessary) in future.

There ya go. A proper cupcake. With a cupcake-shaped sugar thingy on top. Because, er, actually I don’t know. What madness is this? A cake with a sugar cake on top? What’s next, a biscuit with a picture of a biscuit on it? Everyone knows biscuits must have swirly arabesque patterns, or maybe cows. Do they think that without a picture of the item no-one will know what it is supposed to be? Actually that’s sometimes true of my baking, but never mind.

Red food colouring in butter icing (butter, milk, icing sugar) makes a nice salmon pink. Not the pinky pinky pink I was expecting. It’s probably because I am using British butter (support our dairy farmers! or something!) and not pale French butter.

I have realised that I have a tendency to begin my final paragraphs with “so, yeah…”. So, yeah. A pink, very sweet cupcake. Well, 10 of them. They were well-received by my friends so I have fulfilled my duties and can just eat the rest of the sugar sparkles in front of the TV if I want to.


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