I’m on the TRAIN

Just testing if I can do this from my phone. I imagine text will be fine but anything else might be a bit wonky. Plus there’s all the hilarity of those Damn You Autocorrect moments that happen because you can’t see the whole text entry box.

So, erm, I’m on the train. That reminds me, I saw a Samsung Galaxy Tab the other day and it looked just like an oversize smartphone. Trigger Happy TV for the next generation. I have no idea if this link will work as my phone is refusing to show me the video, but it looks like the right kind of thing. All the tab needs is that Nokia ringtone.

Large-size tablets all look like iPads. Nothing amusing there. Of course, you’re not supposed to say they look like iPads because they get sued for it, but as far as I’m concerned I don’t think it’s possible to create a 10 inch shiny rectangular tablet that doesn’t look like an iPad. It’s oblong and shiny and has a screen. What could you possibly do?


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