Visitors and guests

We’ve had a visitor this weekend, a friend who moved to another country and so has come back for a “holiday” that largely consisted of rushing round all the people he’d like to see, eating and drinking out a lot, and getting very tired. When he got to ours he was quite happy to just sit around and drink tea and not do much.

I don’t think I’ll be able to explain this very well, but having him here was easy.

I don’t generally like having people in my house. Guests and fish start to smell after 3 days, or so it is said, but I find 2 nights quite sufficient for most people. One of the reasons I am happy with my partner is that having him around is not like having people around. And for some reason this friend didn’t seem like a “guest” either. Maybe it’s because I spent a lot of time in the house that he and bloke shared while we were all students, but I don’t think the same feeling of relaxedness would extend to other old housemates. I feel the people-in-my-house-why-are-they-in-my-house-won’t-they-go-somewhere-else stress when my family come to visit and I lived with them for far longer.

Having this friend around was just like having another person there who was supposed to be there. We could drink tea or watch TV or read the paper or play online scrabble without worrying whether we were hosting “correctly”. He even made some of the tea. Do you have people in your life who don’t trigger your “must be on best behaviour and look after the guest” instincts?

We did go to the pub as well, of course.


One thought on “Visitors and guests

  1. I totally understand what you mean.

    My parents make themselves at home and are happy to take off and go somewhere for the day. They don’t need entertaining, just a bed for the night and occasional conversation. They are happy to go shopping and help cooking (and are on tap babysitters too).

    Other guests come and sit on the couch, waiting to be served. They expect to be ferried around the countryside and talked to all the time.

    I love guests, but the ones like my parents are the ones I am happy to have stay longer.

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