Mumsnet Bloggers Network

If the widget has worked, you’ll see that I am now on the Mumsnet Bloggers Network.

What does that mean? I’m not really sure yet. It might mean that more people read this. It might also mean that you assume certain things about me when you come to my blog.

Let’s get things straight:

  • I am not a mum
    • …or a dad
  • I don’t look after children
    • in fact I have very little to do with children in my normal life

So why Mumsnet?

  • I like talking to people on the internet
  • Ideally I like talking to people who are not 15 year old boys
    • given that this is the internet and we can’t ever be very sure of someone’s age or gender, I prefer to not talk to anyone who talks (writes) like a 15 year old boy
  • I also prefer to converse with people who, when communicating in writing, use sentences and punctuation and paragraphs
    • if you want people to read what you have written it’s polite to make it easy for them

Mumsnet and the Mumsnet Bloggers Network is full of people who have interesting opinions and stories and anecdotes and advice, and who tell you all that stuff in a way that is easy to read.

So that’s why I want to join in.

Plus Twitter told me to.

It is also a strike against the awful word “mummyblogger”. “Mumsnet is just for mummybloggers to talk about their kids’ nappies and sewing on name badges”. Nope, I’m on it and not a mum and have no interest in nappies or name badges -unless you suddenly realise that Felicity Anne Isabel Linden spells FAIL :-). It also means that if I ever do decide to have children I can point here and say “look, I’m a childless-person-blogger who just happens to have children, not a mummyblogger”. Please note it’s the label I’m objecting to, not the act of blogging-whilst-being-a-mother, or even blogging-about-parenting. MmeLindor, as she often does, explains it better.

And because I have been told that people hate blogs that don’t have pictures here’s a cartoon that you might like.

Make your updates good so people will want to read them.

I’ll try.


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