Working from home

I thought I’d share with you a cartoon that I like. But first I’d better write something original…

I’ve been working from home today, as you may have guessed from the title. The Oatmeal below will tell you why it is both awesome and horrible, but I’ll put together my own list.

The awesome:

  • No dashing around getting ready to leave the house – all I need to do is turn on my laptop
  • My whole kitchen is right there full of food for lunch and snacks (yummy)
  • Did I mention no commute? No rushing for train/waiting for train.searching for seat/sitting on train
  • No interruptions – if someone asks for something I can ignore them while I finish the thing I am working on
  • I actually really like chatting on instant messenger (usually Skype, but just in text format rather than voice/video)

The horrible:

  • If someone suddenly decides they want our Skype call to be “face to face” I have to remember if I put on real clothes/makeup that morning
  • My whole kitchen is right there full of food for lunch and snacks (fatness)
  • No commute means I can’t say “gotta go catch the train” and dash out
  • I feel like I have to prove that I am at my “desk”, because no-one can see if I am working
  • I have a strange compulsion to spend my 5-minutes-stretching-back-relaxing-eyes doing things like laundry instead of wandering around chatting to people
  • If my internet goes down it’s a tragedy not a comedy (if it happens at work it’s funny because none of us can do anything, and we might get to complain – everyone loves to moan)
That’s not an exhaustive list, just a few thoughts to justify showing you the cartoon. In general I love that I get to work from home, but I’m very glad that I don’t have to do it all the time. I’d miss the chat and the going-to-buy-lunch and the general leaving-the-house-ness of going out to work.
Anyway, that’ll do for now, click below for a much funnier version.


2 thoughts on “Working from home

  1. I think your pros & cons are very soon to be mine too.
    Think I’ll most miss is the social aspect of working with others and friday lunch times at the pub 🙂

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