Words on a Screen

That’s what I wanted to call the blog, but it was taken.

Not surprisingly really, after all I’m not exactly at the forefront of the blogging revolution, carving out paths in unknown territory, pushing the frontiers of the unblogged. Wordsonascreen (wordpress)  was taken in 2007. Wordsonascreen (blogspot) in 2004. Screenfulofwords, while having a similar feel to it, sometimes makes me feel as if I should really write a screen full of words, instead of just a few words to go on your screen.

Words on a screen are a lot of my life. My work is largely about words on a screen. On days when I work from home I communicate with my colleagues entirely via words on screens. I hear about what’s going on in the world by reading words on a screen. I learn new things by reading words on a screen.  I do a lot of socialising and general chitchat via words on a screen, with people who I know in what they sometimes call “real life” and those who I have only ever encountered as words (and sometimes pictures) on screens. XKCD explains it well.

This is how I explain computer problems to my cat. My cat usually seems happier than me.So I wanted to call my blog “words on a screen” to say yeah, this is just words on a screen, nothing more than that, nothing to take too seriously. But maybe calling them “just” words on a screen doesn’t do those words justice. Words are ideas. Ideas that have been had by people. People with ideas are important.


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