Oh how I love a bit of pottering. A bit of not-going-anywhere-ness. I’ve been deprived of a real weekend for the past 3 weeks by having to do stuff.

Okay, so it was in theory nice stuff (going to a wedding, away for the weekend, hosting a party) but it wasn’t very weekendy. “Weekendy” means not setting an alarm. It means looking at the clock when you wake up and thinking “I could get up, or I could not”. Weekendy means drinking coffee in pyjamas. It means doing everything quite slowly. It means spending time contemplating the next cup of coffee or picking a tomato from the plant or watering the chillies or maybe even putting a wash on. Weekendy is not about not doing chores, it’s about doing them in a leisurely manner with no feeling of rush.

So here’s my weekendy day today. Feel free to call it boring, or to bitch about my laziness in an envious manner. Perhaps you are the sort of person for whom getting up late equals “wasting the day”. Fair enough, I say. Some people like to play football, or crochet, or research their ancestors online, or bake cupcakes with 3 inches of perfectly-sculpted icing. I like to get up late and mess about on the internet before getting dressed. I don’t criticise your hobbies so leave me in peace with mine.

A note: I hate the word “hobbies”. Why should people have hobbies, and what is it about some activities that they are promoted to the status of “hobby” whilst other activities (mostly things that I like to do) are referred to as just “doing stuff” or occasionally “doing nothing”?

My proper weekendy day so far has included:

  • wake up lateish
  • make coffee
  • potter about in kitchen tidying things while coffee brews
  • drink coffee while looking at internet
  • go back to kitchen for more coffee, look at recipe book regarding dinner tonight
  • drink more coffee while reading paper (yesterday’s – remember I’m not dressed yet)
  • shower and dress
  • cut labels out of new top – who puts white labels in a black top anyway?
  • look at chilli plants – be pleased that some chillies are turning red
  • make brunch, or whatever it is that you call a meal eaten at lunchtime on a Sunday that serves for breakfast and lunch
  • look at paper while eating
  • come and mess about on internet some more
  • write blog
That’s it. It’s 2pm now and that sounds like a lot of stuff to me.
I know the internet likes pictures of food, so I’ll tell you that breakfast was a bit like this
That’s not the actual picture, the one today had mushrooms as well, but I wanted to eat it and didn’t take a picture. What you see above is black beans/chorizo/tomatoes with scrambled egg on a tortilla. It’s my approximation of huevos rancheros.
The recipe I was looking at for dinner tonight is this
That’s Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food – chicken with parmesan and “posh ham”.
Mmmm. Posh ham.
Anyway, I’ve got a bit more pottering to do. Enjoy your weekend.
This post inspired by my friend’s new blog on which she is posting all the bloody time. Be nice to her, she’s very pregnant.

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