Optimism and commuting

“Commuting won’t be that bad, I’ll have all this TIME, I can do productive things on the train and I’ll be SO well-read”.

Not sure that writing a blog counts as productive exactly, but it’ll be a step in the right direction from sitting and reading easy books because my brain needs a rest.

So here we are, on the train, with a seat and everything. I still haven’t worked up to getting out my laptop but that’s ok because it doesn’t have Internet. Either tethering to iPhones cannot be done or it can be done with difficulty – either way I am not doing it. In consequence I am typing this from my iPhone, which likes to capitalise itself and also the word Internet. My typos are likely to be of similar frequency but with higher amusement value. Damnyouautocorrect shows predominantly iPhone screens for a good reason.

The woman sat next to me is writing code. On her laptop. On her actual lap. Whilst travelling backwards on a train that goes through ear-crushing tunnels that make you feel as if you are underwater. She is a hero. I don’t envy her the feeling of “must keep working”, but o do envy the cool with which she undertakes intellectually taxing tasks in a decidedly suboptimal environment.

The man opposite me is fiddling with his phone. Work emails? Perhaps. He is wearing office gear. Organising a stag weekend? Maybe. He’s about the right age that a lot of his friends might be tying the knot. Some kind of game? If it is then it’s a slow one, not a virtual button-masher. I won’t know unless I ask him, which I am
Not going to do.

The woman in the 4th seat is more intriguing. She is doing nothing at all. Her only entertainment is inside her head. No book, no computer, no mobile device, no music, not even a crappy free newspaper. She states ahead, slightly to the right and down. Her face looks sad but so do most faces when their owners are focused inwards. I’d look sad if I were on a train with no book to read, but I would BE sad if I were on a train with no book to read.

I long ago reached the point where my phone refused to show me what I was typing and instead displayed about 2 paragraphs above. Good handling of text boxes there Apple! So I will see how ridiculously short this is. And try to load up some Twitter for entertainment.


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