Adventures with poached eggs (part 2)

Part 1 is here

Oh yes you lucky people, you get to read more about the excitement that is poached eggs, “the most difficult of ALL eggs to cook. FACT.” (so says the comment).

Today is the test of the second method for making poached eggs. I say method, but really it’s no method at all. Put eggs in hot water (no typhoon this time) wait til they look cooked, take them out again.

So let’s do it.

Here they are, two eggs in a pan. Yes, this is the selling point of method 2 – you can cook more than one egg at a time.

They’re looking a bit foofy though aren’t they? Don’t you think? A little bit less cohesive than might be preferred?

Hey look, another picture that looks exactly the same. Sorry. The point was going to be that the eggs began to rise up in the pan.

Here is one on the way out of the pan

And here they are looking pretty on the plate. Not too bad eh?

Method #2

  • You can cook more than one at a time
  • You get an edible egg (or two)


  • Much more egg left in the pan, where the white decided to go all airy-fairy
  • Actually is that even a con?
  • Better yolk: white ratio

In conclusion – do it like this, the typhoon is fun but I am hungrier than 1-egg-at-a-time.


2 thoughts on “Adventures with poached eggs (part 2)

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