I was going to write something today. It may even have been poached eggs part 2. But instead I am sitting on the sofa in pain (a smaller amount of pain than earlier, but still some pain).

Am I getting old? Or is it just that I have gotten used to a better quality of booze?

I’d like to blame the cheap wine drunk in a field by a river, and the even cheaper lager than followed it.

I am too old for this shit. From now on I must imbibe only high-quality beverages.
I need gin and tonics and locally-sourced ale and perhaps some champagne. Actually I am not a champagne snob, cava or prosecco or nice English or New Zealand sparkling is fine too. This is very nice, although if you offered me a nicely-chilled glass of it right now I might have to say no.

Yes, that’s definitely more like it.

So… hangover cures. No raw eggs here, and no magic, what you need is a good dose of each of the following:

  • water (or any liquid)
  • caffeine
  • salt
  • sugar
  • painkillers (this won’t cure anything, it’ll just make life more bearable while the other ingredients do their work)

In the meantime, think pleasant thoughts – this can be aided by a look at the lovely website Tea and Kittens.



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