Adventures with poached eggs

Finding myself with more time than usual to have breakfast this morning I decided to do something a little more exciting. Not exciting in a strict culinary manner, but something with a sense of danger.

I decided to make a poached egg.

This may not sounds dangerous to you, but think for a second. You are boiling an egg without the shell. There’s nothing to keep it together. You could just end up with slightly eggy water. That wouldn’t be very tasty. It’d be a pain to clean up too.

So here we go. Living life on the edge. Making a poached egg. Rock and roll.

There is conflicting advice on how to go about this, but one of the stop suggestions is to get the water to nearly-boiling and stir it very very fast until you have a vortex of water that will keep the egg in the middle.

Oh no! It’s going all over the place! The vortex is not pulling the egg into the centre but instead spreading it everywhere.

But wait… the egg slowly brings itself together. I’m not sure this is anything to do with the swirling water or if eggs just have special egg-magnetic properties.

Here it is. Sorry for the blurriness, that’ll be steam. It actually looks like a poached egg! Success!

So in conclusion, swirly stirry water method.

  • Pros:
    • you get an egg to eat
    • it looks like a poached egg
  • Cons:
    • the FEAR
    • only one egg per pan, could get tiresome

Mmm, yellow


3 thoughts on “Adventures with poached eggs

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