Sorry for the absence

Been quiet recently, because I’m well aware that there could be “real life people” reading this, and the main thing I’ve been thinking about is the fact that I’m going to be changing jobs, which I wasn’t ready to tell everyone about.

If you are one if those RL people, by the way, feel free to keep quiet about it. I know intellectually that I don’t do the best job of anonymising, but I prefer to think that I am talking to Internet sprites who only know the virtual me.
I don’t usually capitalise Internet. I’m writing this on my phone in the doctor’s waiting room. They have restored the magazines that were for a while banned on germ-spreading grounds, but in the meantime I have discovered other forms of entertainment. I have also decided that I agree and old magazines that have been handled by ill people are a bit yuck. Dentists surgeries are ok, because everyone is extra clean when they go to the dentist (and unlikely to have a caold, becausse can you imagine the horror?).

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