Why I ignored a wedding list request

It took me until age 21 or so to realise that I wasn’t growing any more. I’d been buying my own clothes since about 14 and had not got out of the mindset that expensive clothes were not worth it because I would grow out of them. I still stick to that principle sometimes, only now it is the realisation that I will grow out of a fashionable item not physically but mentally.
So here is my mantra that I will (attempt to) live by. If you intend to use something a lot, or over a long period of time, or both, get a good one. A good one will be pleasurable to use, and will actually withstand heavy use. This is why I have an enormous heavy garlic press. The last one couldn’t take the pressure. The thing is never in the drawer, it is used more days than it is not used and half the time I have to wash it up specifically to use it, because the normal washing-up flow has not yet gotten to it before I need to use it again. Yes, we don’t wash up after every meal. We are slatterns. Let’s move on.
“Where’s the wedding list?”, I hear you cry. Or I would if a) I could hear forwards in time and through the internet, and b) I believed that anyone would read this. The wedding list, or in fact lack of one, is here. I attended a wedding last week for a grown-up couple who requested that “as we have plenty of pots and pans, if you would like to give us a gift we would appreciate a donation towards a honeymoon”. I don’t object to this. I know some people do, they consider it rude to ask for money. I don’t see it as asking for money so much as saying that if we would like to spend money on them, here is the way to do it that would be most appreciated. The things that I do very slightly object to is that the couple concerned do not have plenty of pots and pans. Not good ones anyway. Last time I visited the groom was struggling to make scrambled eggs in a nasty burnt-bottomed pan that’s probably 20 years old and not very good when it was bought. They are twice my age and haven’t learned the lessons above, so I have taken it upon myself to be very sanctimonious and annoying make their lives easier by giving them a nice non-stick pan. If anyone wants a recommendation for an inexpensive but super non-stick pan, these are the ones. Food just slides off. It’s like magic.
I am contributing to the honeymoon fund as well, I’m not that self-righteous that I have decided that they must have the pan instead , but they can have the pan as well.

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