Andy Parsons and acting like a tourist

We went to see Andy Parsons last night. He can best be described as the little bald one from Mock the Week. Why did we go? He’s not my favourite comic, it wasn’t a particularly convenient day, but he was in town and I have resolved to make better use of the opportunities/facilities available in my town. He was good, actually, although he made sure that no-one would remember most of his jokes by telling us about the time that he found a pair of underpants inside a jar of mayonnaise and Hellmann’s wrote back saying that there was no way they could have gotten there in the factory and so he must have put them there himself.

I have lived here since 2002, but this was the first time (I think) that I have been inside the venue – it’s certainly the first time I had paid for tickets to go inside. It’s not as if I live in Londond with a myriad of theatres and venues, there’s pretty much just this place, a more play-y theatre, and the amateur dramatics place. I haven’t been to the other theatre either. London is a good subject to bring up, as friends who have lived there say that they did less “touristy stuff” while they lived there than they ever did while living an hour’s train ride away. Does familiarity breed contempt? Or is it just that we get stuck in our little routines? Living in our own little circles, with the places we go and the places we don’t go separated by nothing but habit.

So, today’s resolution is to go and see more of the things that are there to see, go and do more of the things that are there to do. But first I must drink coffee, sit on my sofa, and maybe do some washing. I fear that the only real incentive to see and do all of the wonderful things that are available will be if I have a time limit. “Since 2002” is a long time, but the future is long too, and it is only when I know that I will be leaving that I will worry about having missed out.


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